Renew Season Parking for 2024

Hello Fellow Gator Fans and Parking Patrons,

It’s time to renew your Gator Football parking spot on the grounds of Parker Elementary School. The Gators have 7 home games this season, and we’re looking forward to having you all as Patrons again this year!

Due to the extra home game and increases in expenses in providing parking, our season pass price has increase to $200 per spot for the season. That’s still less than $30 per game for a guaranteed spot among some amazing Gator fans. AND importantly, all funds go straight into the coffers of the Parker Elementary PTA to support the school!


• Step 1: Log in at using the email that is receiving this message. (If you have problems logging in, you can reset your password using the dialogue provided.) DO NOT TRY TO PAY WITHOUT LOGGING IN FIRST. 

• Step 2: Make a Payment: Click on your profile name in the top right of the page. Your profile should be automatically populated with your information and your reserved (affiliated) spots. Click on “Pay for your Spots:####” toward the top of the page. 

Clicking on “Pay for your Spots:#####” will take you to a Make a Payment page that has a  link to the PTA Square website to make a payment. Each season pass parking spot is $200. Multiply your number of assigned spots times $200, enter the total into the box, and click “Checkout.”

On the Checkout page, enter two pieces of information in the provided boxes: (1) your spot number(s) separated by commas and (2) the last name associated with your season pass account at I will have to reconcile your Square payments to your spots manually, and having your name and spot numbers will make that process much easier. Be sure to fully complete the payment process via Square.


If you know that you will NOT be renewing your season parking pass, please email me at so we can begin to compile available spots for those on the wait list.